Friday, July 25, 2008

Anti-war Students - "ARREST CONDI"

Why do I get the feeling that these mutts look like this? Am I guilty of profiling? Yes, but I am probably RIGHT.

Condi is travelling to New Zealand today and the radical commies from a student union want her to be arrested. In 1963, there was testimony in front of congress about the "45 ways that Communism will undermine society" and infiltrating student unions was a priority on that list. We saw this first hand during the Vietnam war (I am sure that the LSD did not help matters either).

More proof that the radical left are the real fascists and they are out of touch with reason. These kids are being brainwashed by their radical professors and their liberal parents. ALL of these radical anti-war groups are communist front groups where they recruit "useful idiots" (this is what Lenin called them) to go out and start trouble.

Many times the media edits the civil unrest (I know this first hand) to prevent a negative portrayal by the public onto the protesters, unless of course they have video of a cop beating the crap out of one of these anarchist loons. Why does the media do this? They want to spin the news that dissent is being stifled and that the police are abusing the rights of "peaceful protesters". Many times these protests are not peaceful, they contain radicals hopped up on drugs, that are inciting riots and the protesters standing there condoning this behavior are just as guilty.

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