Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Larouche - HAARP Caused China Quake

The enemy are trying to pin the blame on US? The day this quake happened I said that it was China playing with their HAARP (Scalar weapons) and they accidently bounced the magnetic waves into their own fault causing an earthquake. This is classic disinformation and communist propaganda looking to cause further damage against reputation of the USA.

Notice he mentions NATO too? What have I been saying about NATO the past few months? Notice this moron fails to mention that China announced they were doing weather engineering just ONE week before this earthquake? China has this technology too, but he fails to mention that little detail.

Notice he uses the words neo-con? When someone uses that word, they are either brainwashed with communist propaganda or they are the enemy.

I have been saying this all along and here are our DOMESTIC enemies twisting the truth to use AGAINST US....


  1. Look this video was clipped from a completely unrelated intelligence report from Larouchepac.com into a HAARP video. The LaRouche organization doesn't believe in HAARP conspiracy theories.

  2. Who is Jeff Steinberg? Why does the video say Larouche?


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