Saturday, July 12, 2008

NBC - Sheeple Say Economy Baaaaaad

Phil Gramm gave Jesse Jackson and the Socialist Democrats a gift this week and that was the distraction that the liberal media was waiting for to bump that dope Jackson out of the media spot light. His comment on the economy came at the best time for the LIBS and the worst time for McCain. Nice going genius, not all of us belong to a country club and can afford $120 a week to fill up our big SUV's.

NBC just had a poll and according to the sheeple that they questioned, 51% say that Hussein Obama is better for the economy than McCain is. Of course if you want to spin it like the lib media loves to do, the poll would say 35% of sheeple agree with McCain on the economy.

Back in March 2008, I was monitoring MSNBC (I never watch it, I monitor it, because that is where the enemy spews their propaganda) and I always like to carefully study people and their mannerism, so I can see what they are thinking. The anchor was some blond Bim and she had an expert on the economy as her guest and she kept repeating the same thing over and over, (she was off the script and ad libbing) "wow, that economy is really bad" over and over, trying to feed the guest ammo to bash Bush. I became suspicious and it was at that point I saw the shift in the battle plan and that is get Iraq off of the news and the economy ON.

Elections in the past have shown that when the economy is slow and a Republican is in office, the sheeple vote Democrat. When the sheeple are afraid of terrorists, they vote Republican, because they want the Christian warriors to protect them as they undermine and bash the war. ANYWAY, back in early 2007 I predicted this on my 360 page (and Jesi's) that the GLOBAL economy will be targeted by the Russians, Socialist elements within the EU and OPEC, to drive up oil and food prices. Why? So they can spark global unrest and more dependence and demand for GOVERNMENT HELP (and eventually world Government help). The American Neo-Socialists love this idea, because they want to draw the American middle class into their clutches of dependence, this is all about CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE (sheeple).

I do feel that there are Global forces with dreams of socialist world government (Russia, certain elements in the EU, George Soros, Gore and the rest of the useful idiots) working to make sure that Obama gets into office. Another feeling that I have is that Obama better watch the people closest to him, because I feel that he could be set up and assassinated just so they can blame a bare foot white Christian boy (like Timothy McVeigh) and start a race war in this country.

Remember, revolution is THE FRIEND to the Marxists in the Democrat Party. I have been thinking about this recently and I was discussing it with a friend last night. That plane incident last week with Obama was suspicious (Obama's plane had to make an emergency landing) and am curious of the timing of this, because it would have left no choice, but to send Hillary to the head spot for 2008.

So remember this sheeple, repeat after me. The war is doing gooood and there is no terror threat. Economy and Bush? BAAAAAAAAAAAAD


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