Wednesday, July 23, 2008

US general warns Russia on nuclear bombers in Cuba

We have two choices:

Hit Russia NOW with a surprise HAARP & nuke attack or wait for Russia, China and the Muslims to kill us first. Not much to choose from, but what can I say? The world is evil and the media is only concerned about Britney Spears smoking a cigarette in front of her son; like I could give a shit what that whore does. My page is brutally honest, so if you are easily offended, SORRY....
Russia would cross "a red line for the United States of America" if it were to base nuclear capable bombers in Cuba, a top US air force officer warned on Tuesday.

"If they did I think we should stand strong and indicate that is something that crosses a threshold, crosses a red line for the United States of America," said General Norton Schwartz, nominated to be the air force's chief of staff.
He was referring to a Russian news report that said the military is thinking of flying long-range bombers to Cuba on a regular basis.
It was unclear from the report whether that would involve permanent basing of nuclear bombers in Cuba, or just use of the island as a refueling stop.
In his confirmation hearing to become the air force's chief of staff, Schwartz was asked what he would recommend if Russia were to base nuclear capable bombers in Cuba.
"I would certainly offer the best military advice that we engage the Russians not to pursue that approach," he said.

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