Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alaska Getting COOLER?

According to Chinese medicine and philosophy, when stress, bad diet and other factors disrupt a person's energy flow, they become ill due to imbalance between their body and the universe.

If the magnetic field of the Earth became out of balance, we (our bodies) would also be out of balance. Nature and our bodies might try to adjust to the shift, but still there could be consequences due to the imbalance.

If the magnetic field of the Earth is being manipulated by artificial means (Scalar and HAARP), the Earth will naturally try to correct the shift. This is what I think is happening with Alaska and why it is getting cooler there, but warmer in the Arctic. The warmer air is possibly pushing the cooler air towards Alaska.

My theory is based on Chinese philosophy, common sense and knowledge of the Russian agenda to rule the world and control all of the oil in the Middle East and the North Pole. The Russian media has mentioned on several occasions that WWIII would start over the oil in the Arctic and of course this has been ignored by the cowards in the MSM. They are daring anyone to stop them. The Canadians have increased their military presence in the Arctic to protect what belongs to them, because they are seeing the danger in the horizon. I am sorry Bush haters, but you can't blame this one on Bush.

The Russians are manipulating the magnetic field above the Arctic to promote the melting of ice, so it will be easier for them to steal the oil. According to a UN Treaty Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Canada, Russia and the USA all equally share this area. The Russians are claiming that the intercontinental shelf extends from Russia to the North Pole and they want to declare that entire area as Russian territory.

How come nobody in the media has come out with this theory? Well, they are afraid to step on the Russians toes, it could mean a death sentence. The capabilities of weather engineering is still kept very quiet, due to the devastating power that this can harness. The sheeple might get scared and we all know that is not allowed.

It has reinforced fears that Moscow intends to annex "unlawfully" a vast portion of the ice-covered Arctic, beneath which scientists believe up to 10 billion tons of gas and oil could be buried. Russian ambition for control of the Arctic has provoked Canada to double to $40 million (£20.5 million) funding for work to map the Arctic seabed in support its claim over the territory.

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