Sunday, July 13, 2008

Britain - Russia UN Veto 'Incomprehensible'

Get ready for more war of words with the Russians. The American idiots that forgot 9/11, the war on terror and what this war is REALLY about, will get their 2nd wake up call very soon. The Russian bear was just sleeping and he is about to wake up violently.

Is this war about oil? Sure, we need stability in the Middle East and we CAN NOT allow Russian control and dominance over the region. The USA and the World runs on oil, no matter what these mentally ill liberals say. Yes, we are still fighting the Russians, this has been going on since WWII and it will not end until WMD's are flying around like birds in the sky. It is inevitable and it is what THEY WANT.

How come the average Joe on the street does not know this? Well, he is busy working his ass off or drinking beer or watching porn. The women care even less, as long as they have their pointy shoes and their nails done, life is good. Lets see how good it is when they are made a slave by Russian and Chinese soldiers. Oh, you are laughing? You won't be laughing much longer. Do you think they will not rape and murder you, because you are a 'good liberal'? You will learn, just like the French appeasers learned when they collaborated with the Nazi's.

This is for the Bush bashers:

GW knew that the Russians were making a move on the USA, but he did not know how bad and when. Before 9/11 he got Poland, the Czech Rep. and Hungary to join NATO and he had his sites on the Ukraine. Putin became furious and he gave the thumbs up to the islamo-nazi's to attack on 9/11.

Putin made sure the evidence pointed towards the U.S. Ally, Saudi Arabia for a reason and that was to confuse the American people who the enemy is. Of course we all know about the radical elements in Saudi Arabia that are 100% behind this Jihad against the USA and Israel, BUT the Saudi Family is in survival mode right now. They feared the Iranians and Saddam for a reason, they are lunatics and a threat to their sovereignty.

Due to Russia's ties to Islamic terror, Bush took Afghanistan and Iraq. Now Iran is surrounded and US troops are on the border of Syria too. The defensive missile system deals have been signed with Poland and the Czech Republic and this has the Russian bear feeling cornered. This is why the world socialists and the American libs are so scared, they do not want CAPITALISM (Bush) to win.

Three former Soviet bloc countries — the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland — joined NATO in 1999, and the 10 central and eastern European countries that are seeking admission next year include former Soviet allies like Bulgaria and Romania. The 10 countries also include the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, once Soviet republics. Russia has long been opposed to having those neighboring nations absorbed into the Atlantic Alliance.

The Bear is about to lash out again....BE READY, because this one will make 9/11 seem like a fireworks show at the beach.

Go to this site for maps on strategic importance of the Iraq and Afghanistan war

LONDON -- British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said Russia's veto of a United Nations Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe was "incomprehensible."

"It'll appear incomprehensible to the people of Zimbabwe that Russia, which committed itself at the G8 to take further steps including introducing financial and other sanctions, should stand in the way of Security Council action."

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