Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did Russian Scalar Weapons Cause B-52 Bomber Crash Near Guam?

The Russian media is playing up the fact that a B-52 crashed by stating "Mission Failed". I suspect that either the Russians or the Japanese Mafia (they bought Scalar from the Russians) were behind the crash of this B-52 and another Air Force jet that crashed off of Guam recently by using scalar weapons.
Of course there is no way to prove it, that is why these weapons are so effective and dangerous.
A Russian Jet crashed several days ago and the Russians are stating that it was due to mechanical diffulties after a repair. Was this a HAARP retaliation for the B-52 and it is being covered up by the Russians?
Is there a little game of tit for tat going on that we do not know about? Maybe or maybe it is a coincidence, this is just a theory.

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