Friday, July 18, 2008

Bush Oil Drilling Drops Oil $19 a Barrel

Gee, how come the media is soooo quiet about this? The environmentalism movement is being used as a weapon against the rights of the American people and the economy. The communists in the Congress and Senate would love nothing more than the USA to be weak, dependent on foreign oil, civil unrest due to a deterioration in living conditions and the middle class begging for government assistance. Why would they want this? More power and control over the people.

Obama said $12 a gallon of gas is coming and he seems happy about it and he offers no relief in site. He is against drilling for oil, building nuclear power plants and his liberal friends want to add taxes on top of the already high gas prices, so you learn how to conserve. This is freedom? These taxes are another way are forcing you into a communist state where you have no opportunity to live in freedom or happiness. You will be a slave to the government, gas prices, high food prices and high TAXES.

There is NO SHORTAGE IN OIL, so if you have to decide whether to fill your gas tank or you refrigerator it is because there is a global initiative to force nations into a Socialist world government.

Nikita Kruschev once told an American politician that "his grandchildren would live under communism" and he was not kidding, because it is here. He also said that "we will spoon feed your people socialism, until you are all communists without a shot being fired and you won't even know it".

Combine these words with the 9/11 attacks and if that has not woken you up yet, the sound of the gate closing you in the concentration camp will...

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