Sunday, July 27, 2008

Russia slams Bush for linking Nazi and Soviet evils

What have I been saying folks? I have been screaming this for months, but the libs want to brainwash people into thinking that fascism is worse and way different than communism is. Notice that I said IS, not WAS? Fascism and communism are alive and well, just take a look at the groups like Media Matters that is trying to censor free speech. Take a look at the people behind this organization - George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the rest is a secret for some reason.

Michael Savage always says this "Liberalism is fascist in it's core". Never a truer statement has been said. A man called Michael Savage 3 months ago and I want to tell you that I will never forget this call. He said to Savage "I grew up under communism and I was brainwashed, so I know what signs to look for. I can see the signs of Marxism in America, that Americans refuse to see, accept or know, because they are busy with their lives". Savage then added "we are currently living in a 'soft' Soviet style America, no doubt due to the Leninists in the Democrat Party".

There is so much deception right now, the liberals have been whitewashing communism since the 50's so people forget that Stalin, Lenin and Mao killed about 100-120 million people. That is way more than Hitler ever killed, but you will never hear this fact from your communist professor or Keith Olberman.

I have done many blogs on this and I get furious and vile hate mail from the libs on this issue more than any other issue, so that means I am onto something. Why is this? Because I am exposing something that they want kept in the dark. Hitler signed a pact with Stalin before WWII started and this little fact is another thing the liberals try to keep quiet, because it shows the true alliance and merger of their SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY. If you look at Hitler closely, you could say that he was far left, not far right. Hitler and Stalin = a lot of innocent dead bodies, so their ideologies sound identical to me.

Keep voting Democrat morons, this is your future. The sad fact is that many Republicans have been poisoned with this Socialist ideology too and it is basically a one party system that we have these days. The infection of liberalism in the colleges and the media can be blamed for this one; add drugs (legal and illegal) to that list too.

Here is the article********************

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia said on Saturday that U.S. President George W. Bush had insulted veterans of World War Two by equating the evils of Soviet communism with Nazi fascism.

The Foreign Ministry said Bush had coupled Nazi fascism and Soviet communism as "a single evil" and thus "hurt the hearts" of World War Two veterans in Russia and allied countries, including the United States.

"While condemning the abuse of power and unjustified severity of the Soviet regime's internal policies, we nevertheless can neither treat indifferently attempts to equate Communism and Nazism nor agree that they were inspired by the same ideas and aims," the ministry said in a statement to mark Captive Nations Week, an annual event.

Bush signed a proclamation published on July 18 in which he called on the American people to reaffirm their commitment to advance democracy and defend liberty around the world.

"In the 20th century, the evils of Soviet communism and Nazi fascism were defeated and freedom spread around the world as new democracies emerged," the proclamation said, according to a copy posted on the White House's Web site.

Russia's foreign ministry said Bush's comments were part of an attempt to rewrite history in the United States.

"Such assessments simply feed the efforts of those, who for political and selfish ends are striving to falsify the facts and rewrite history," the ministry said.

Russia is extremely sensitive to what the Kremlin says is a rewriting of history about the Soviet Union's role in World War Two, which Russians call the Great Patriotic War.

Russians see the victory over Germany as a defining moment in their history and are immensely proud that the Red Army drove German forces out of eastern Europe. The war cost 20 million Soviet lives.

But many in eastern Europe associate the arrival of Red Army soldiers with the start of Soviet rule, during which thousands of people were arrested and sent to camps, and their governments were directed from Moscow.

(Reporting by Tanya Mosolova, editing by Tim Pearce)

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