Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vile Comments About Tony Snow by Liberals

I knew that it would not take too long for the left wing scum in America to show their vile side. We need to lock these evil people up in mental institutions or deport them to Russia where they belong, they are a cancer to this great country. This is not about free speech, this is about being PURE EVIL.

They preach tolerance, but that is all deception, they have no soul, they are liars and they will surely burn in hell.

I am posting this because the left wing vermin in America need to be exposed, the liberal media will never ever report this, so I AM.

These comments were made on AOL News............

captdemo 02:19:49 PM Jul 12 2008

The world is amuch better place without Tony Snow.

handofgloom 02:19:47 PM Jul 12 2008

I bet he died a painful death. BWHAHAHAAAAA1

gardinermob 02:20:13 PM Jul 12 2008

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dcsca 02:14:24 PM Jul 12 2008 Snow died on July 11. This story is dated next Friday- July 18.-------------------------------------------------------------------------There giving him a full week before Satan gets notified.

wwiirzm 02:17:57 PM Jul 12 2008

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Anyone who would lie to the American people for President Bush deserves to die, I for one will not miss him, I only wish he could take the senate and congress with him. Put Bush in Prison in the next 4 years! Feel sorry for him NO WAY, like the rest of you "zened" out people say Karma, you reap what you sew and lieing gets you cancer and hell.

qaqs9000 02:17:36 PM Jul 12 2008

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Please post directions to his grave site. I know a few million people who wish to show their respect for him. Those attending please consume 128 oz of gatorade prior to event so you can properly urinate on the grave. Let's give him a warm and liquid send off to hell.

cheb62 02:17:55 PM Jul 12 2008

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Tony you cant brown nose your way out of this ,,

camantq 02:17:06 PM Jul 12 2008

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Maybe these rightwing armchair warriors should feel the pain of losing loved ones, like the thousands Bush has sent to their death in Iraq.. They like attending KluKluxKlan rallys, but don't stick around for the lynchings.. A lack of intellect and education, limit their understanding of anything but a distorted simpleton view of the Old Testament, twisting Christ teachings to reflect their hatred and predjudice.. Tony Snow spouted rightwing hatred, racism, and sexism for years.. Say hello to Jerry Faldwell for us..

handofgloom 02:17:07 PM Jul 12 2008

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I will try and contact his family and tell them how happy I am for their loss

dcsca 02:17:51 PM Jul 12 2008

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This wretched crumb shovelled Bushola for years out to Fox News viewers, Limpbaugh droids and the whole country with 'Snow jobs' about conservativism and the war. Now his family will know the pain of losing a loved one so young as well. But perhaps his most cuttting insult to Americans was his wisecrack on his last day as Press Secretary- "I cannot support my family on $168,000 a year." Well, now his chemo costs wont burden our heathcare system any longer, and he can deliver press briefings for eternity to 4,100 dead GIs as they bayonet him for lying about the war and costing them their lives. Helms, Falwell, Buckley, Snow... your table for 4 is ready in hell.

handofgloom 02:15:29 PM Jul 12 2008

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When I found out where the cancer victim is buried I will defacate on his grave

handofgloom 02:12:59 PM Jul 12 2008

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Hopefully Tonys death was a prolonged painful ordea

captdemo 02:13:04 PM Jul 12 2008

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Burn in hell Tony; you so richly deserve it.


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