Monday, July 28, 2008

Things That Go Boom? The Trail Leads to Moscow?

Over the weekend India and Turkey were hit hard with bad terror attacks. What were the reasons? Let me take a quick stab at this one...

Grey Terror- When a terrorist group with no affiliation to the Soviet Union commits acts of terror.

"War is absence of Socialism" - Karl Marx

Lets talk about India first:

Pakistan stated that they will not allow US troops into Pakistan to hunt for Bin Laden several weeks ago. Pakistans increasing reluctance to help the USA in the war on terror is proving to be problem and the US options are hitting a road block.

China and Pakistan are mortal enemies of India and the USA is seeing this as a opportunity to pull India away from their alliance with the Russians. Leaving the Russians to sign a nuclear pact with the Americans can be a dangerous decision judging by the attack that killed 45 people in India over the weekend.

There is no such thing as coincidences when you are dealing with the Russians and radical Islam.

Now we shall talk about Turkey:

The Russians have been trying to destroy NATO since the "staged" collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. The Russians tried to play 'dead', but it was all a game of deception. NATO has since expanded and this has the Russians frustrated.

On May 7, 2008, The Daily Telegraph held an interview with Gorbachev in which he repeated his view that such a commitment had been made. Gorbachev said "the Americans promised that NATO wouldn't move beyond the boundaries of Germany after the Cold War but now half of central and eastern Europe are members, so what happened to their promises? It shows they cannot be trusted."

There have been reports from Soviet defectors that the Russians have planted nukes and other weapons in all NATO countries including the USA. These weapons are rigged with booby traps to keep away anyone that tries to find or retrieve these weapons.

Turkey (a NATO member) with a huge Muslim population is an easy target for terrorism and this past weekend they got hit. Russia has been very vocal about the threat they are feeling from NATO and just last week the Russian media reported that the Kremlin issued a warning to Europe that NATO can not offer them protection. This is another threat....

Expect more terrorism globally and especially to other NATO members.

Russia, which under Vladimir Putin showed increasing hostility toward NATO and other post-World War II security organizations in Europe, has put together a set of proposals that would essentially sideline these groups in favor of a broader alliance that could include countries outside of the Continent.

The proposals, to be presented to NATO ambassadors in Brussels on Monday, have no chance of being accepted by the United States and most of its allies in Europe. But they reflect the Kremlin's latest efforts to reassert itself on the world stage and challenge longstanding diplomatic practices.

Moscow in particular wants to weaken the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, of which Russia is a member, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, of which it is not a member. The Russian proposal would establish a broad security pact that could even include countries like China and India.

After July 1983, ASALA disappeared in the same Lebanese valley, where another anti-Turkish organization, the PKK, emerged next summer. This was no novelty, since pro-Soviet Armenians had participated in the founding of an anti-Turkish Kurdish party already in 1927 - also in Lebanon. Both ASALA and PKK were rumoured to have been brainchildren of a Soviet Armenian KGB officer Karen Brutents.

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