Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Obama & Rezko Dirt

(Tribune photo by Chris Walker / June 4, 2008)

Why are the litttle socialist vermin in the media not reporting this? Where are the anti-war communist left? If this were McCain, they would be all over him, calling him a war profiteer and war monger. This Hussein Obama has ties to many shadey left wing radicals and Muslims.

In this article from worldnetdaily they claim that an Obama campaign contributor named Aiham Alsammarae allegedly ripped off $650 million dollars and he is banned by the Iraqi Government from returning to Iraq. How do you get banned from Iraq? LMAO. This Hussein Obama has some list of friends

Thank God for and Joesph Farah, because this dirt would all be swept under the rug by the Obama loving media.

Alsammarae also awarded another Rezko-controlled operation as part of a $150 million contract to construct a 250-megawatt electricity plant in Iraq.

Alsammarae later was arrested by Iraqi authorities for bilking the coalition government out of some $650 million. He was sprung from prison under questionable circumstances in 2006 and escaped from Iraq, where he is still wanted for questioning with regard to major financial crimes.
An Interpol warrant for his arrest, issued in 2007 at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's government, was taken down after Alsammarae was forgiven for some parts of his conduct by an Iraqi legislative initiative, according to Arabic-language Iraqi criminal court documents obtained by WND and translated into English. Alsammarae has been warned by the Maliki government not to return to Iraq. Other charges are still pending, and Alsammarae has been warned by the Maliki government not to return to Iraq.

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