Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Selling Weapons to Georgia

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Over 90 percent of the funds, which Kiev obtained from arms sales, have been embezzled, the committee investigating the illegal arms sales to Georgia concluded. The committee was set up under the initiative of the Party of the Regions after the Caucasian crisis in August. The committee determined that the arms shipments, which the Ukrainian administration organized, were conducted in violation of both national and international laws.

Georgia was receiving weapons from Ukraine before and after the armed conflict in South Ossetia. What is more, Georgia is still receiving the Ukrainian weapons, but the income from their sales hardly ever makes it to the treasury. Ukraine has sold weapons in the sum of $2.5 billion over the recent four years, the committee said. Only $200 million of the amount has been transferred to the treasury. The funds could have been a rescue for the nation that suffers considerable losses from the world financial crisis.


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