Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Bloody History of Communism

I have posted these video's before and I must say that they are my favorite of all time...a must see if you want to know the truth about communism that the scum on the left is hiding from the sheeple.

The left love to do movies on Hitler and fascism, but communism is never ever explored. Why? Because it is part of their disinformation campaign to confuse and distract the people about their socialist agenda and the death that it will bring.

The narrator of these documentaries is a Muslim and the danger that communism and communists post to Islam is something else that today's Muslim does not understand. After 'the left' is done using Muslims as their soldiers to destroy Christianity and Judaism; Islam will be targeted soon after.

Communism and atheists are the number one threat to the world today, not religion. The left is using their Marxist ideology to try and plant the seed that the world is divided, because of religion, but that is not the case. Atheism, Marxism and Darwinism is a religion to the left and they have cleverly disguised and
embedded it into today's science and sociology classes in almost every college in the world.

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