Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chicago Tribune - "Obama Eligibility Issue Won't Go Away"

Tomorrow is the big day.........will it stay or will it go? The issue will not go away, because the Marxist Messiah is trying to run and hide from the issue.


This is a story that won't go away.

Five weeks after the state of Hawaii vouched for the authenticity of President-elect Barack Obama's birth certificate, the controversy over allegations that Obama is not eligible to take office next month has reached the Supreme Court, which is expected to announce Monday whether it will consider the matter.

The fight is unusual because it thrives outside the so-called mainstream media, far beyond the oak-paneled offices of $700-an-hour lawyers and a world away from the 535 individuals whose surnames are preceded by Representative or Senator.

This is a different army at work, in an environment increasingly influenced by the Internet.,0,7258812.story

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