Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alex Jones on Russian News - Useful Idiot for the Russians

Alex Jones is a traitor and I saw right through this for the past few years. He along with Ron Paul are manipulating the already dumb downed Americans that have no clue about the dangers that Russia and China pose towards us. I am curious if he is being funded by Russian KGB/FSB and how much they are paying him to betray his country.

The term 'unipolar' that he is using is a term that the Russians use in their propaganda against the USA. The NWO that the USA has been putting together over the years is really an anti-communist alliance, but things might have changed when you elect a communist president.

The World Government that is being put together is CURRENTLY tying it's funds together and their goal is to isolate Russia and Iran; thus this is the reason the Muslim terrorists are lashing out. They are acting as surrogates for the Russians and Iranians.

Russia, China and Pakistan do not want India and the USA to be allies or business partners and that is the reason that India was attacked.



It sounds like Jones was reading off of a script that the Russians gave him. This guy is no patriot, he is a retards.

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