Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/08 - Rumors of a Decision Denying Cort Wrotnowski's SCOTUS Application are FALSE!

Why is Obama and the DNC spending all of this money to fight these cases instead of just proving his eligibility once and for all? This defense has to cost close to $1 million so far...

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  1. The consequences of the Supreme Court declining to address the US Constitution’s “natural born citizen” clause on the morning of Monday 12/15/08 — thereafter enabling the College of Electors to transform the crisis from “law” to “political and Congressional”, leading to the ‘inauguration’ of Mr. Obama, are nothing less than catastrophic. Lawsuits by members of the military challenging his ‘commander in chief’ status are INEVITABLE. And a military takeover to oust the “usurper” may be inevitable as well. Where is the media? This is no “tin foil hat” joke.


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