Sunday, December 7, 2008

Biden & Obama Voted Against Judge Alito, Will he Return the Favor?

Payback is a bitch, Hussein Obama. I think you better start looking for that birth certificate. Biden and Obama BOTH voted against Roberts and Alito when they were up for the SC....

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito evidently still holds some resentment toward Vice President-elect Joseph Biden, one of the Democrats who grilled him at his confirmation hearing three years ago.

At a dinner for the American Spectator magazine on Wednesday, Alito made several humorous references to Biden, who withdrew from the 1988 presidential campaign after he was caught plagiarizing parts of a speech from a British politician, the New York Post reported.

Alito said he was about to quote liberally from a magazine article, and told the gathering: “In the spirit of the vice president-elect, I want to honor the copyright laws.”

He also said: “To coin a phrase, in the spirit of the vice president-elect, you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need” — words from a Rolling Stones song.

He then added: “Did someone say that before?”

Both Biden and Barack Obama voted against Alito’s confirmation.

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