Thursday, December 25, 2008

MSNBC Celebrates Christmas with Prison Shows

Christmas has inspired me to write this piece. Yes, the fight continues even on holidays...GOD BLESS AMERICA.

I am always monitoring the liberal progressive enemies and this caught my eye last night on Christmas Eve. FOX and CNN both had specials honoring Christmas and Christianity, but MSNBC chose to have a special on thugs in prison all night. There is a nice Christmas message for your family.

What did MSNBC present on Christmas morning? A marathon on Models in NYC....

The liberal vermin in this country are ALWAYS on attack when it comes to Christianity, American traditions, the police and the US Military. These institutions are a grave threat to the left wing scum that are obviously in control of MSNBC. They would rather see the traditional family passing around malt liquor and a crack pipe, instead of passing around Christmas presents.

MSNBC's ratings are so low due to this fact, that only a twisted mad hatter can actually watch this barrage of hate mongering against the USA and Christianity. Only someone with a real Socialist/Marxist agenda can appreciate the propaganda that is spewed from the sewer pipes (Michael Savage quote) of MSNBC.

Last night FOX News did an excellent and traditional Christmas show, that reminded me the old Bing Crosby days (before my time). The tribute to the troops was very good, but they could have spent more time with that topic.

These soldiers that they interviewed are true American heroes that the main stream media hides. The media would rather play up Britney Spears or some Hollywood junkie then show a true American war hero that is fighting against oppression and world communism. Communism is alive and well in the American socialist progressive Democrat Party.

The left wing vermin in this country DO NOT DESERVE to be represented by men and women of such high caliber, honor and bravery that we have in the US Military. The left hates that Iraq barely has any violence, so what do they do? The left hates the fact that there is more death and murder in Chicago (the home town of their Messiah, Kenyan born Hussein Obama), then there is in Iraq. They spew the economic fear mongering card 24 hours a day, because they plan on using the economy to make you all slaves to their Marxist agenda.

CNN did a very interesting show on the History of Christianity, that I watched in part and I will watch the rest later today on TIVO. So, I have to give some credit here to CNN for honoring the Christmas Holiday.

God Bless America........

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  1. QUESTION: By the apparent lack of interest of Congress and the Supreme Court in enforcing the Constitution's "natural born citizen" clause thereby inaugurating an outlaw "President" and Federal Government, what moral and legal authority remains to compel taxpayers to file and pay federal income tax in 2009? Just wondering?


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