Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Putin - NATO Should Collapse Just Like the USSR

Russia seems to be a little upset these days about NATO expansion. Maybe if Russia would stop selling weapons to terrorists through third parties, this would not be happening. Maybe the Russians should have kept better track of those suitcase nukes that are now 'mysteriously missing' and in the hands of Muslim terrorists.

Bin Laden refused to admit where he got nuclear weapons from during an interview with Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, but it is estimated that he has at least 20 and he will use them if Iran is attacked.

The Soviet Union never collapsed it was all a HOAX to get financial aid and to open up new fronts of attack against the West via radical Islam, Al Qaeda by using their old arch enemy Bin Laden as a weapon.

Google and Anatoli Golitsyn for more info on the Russian threat and deception.

“The expansion of NATO is the construction of new Berlin walls in Europe – invisible walls, which are equally dangerous,” Putin said answering a question about the threat of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s possible incorporation in NATO.

Putin reminded that NATO had been set up during the opposition with the USSR. The Soviet Union collapsed long ago, although the North Atlantic Alliance continues its existence. “Against whom does this friendship exist now? Which are the current global threats? The proliferation of nuclear weapons, terrorism, epidemic, international criminality, drugs. Can these be solved within the framework of a closed political bloc? No. NATO builds new borders in Europe with its expansion. This restricts opportunities of taking the mutual effort to struggle against today’s current threats, because it sows distrust to each other. It is an obstacle,” Putin said.


  1. Yes! You are shure. The perestroika deception has caught many in the conservative/anti-communist rank.
    It is time to unnmask this coverup.
    Thanks for blogging.
    I strongly recommend another blog, that analyses in deep all these communist coverups. It is

  2. Thanks Luis, it looks great. Got to my other blog to see my archives on the Russian threat and deception.


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