Saturday, June 14, 2008

Russia's World Domination Plan

The 2nd paragraph is where we are right now.....

The USA is isolated from Europe and the world

We are being undermined via external economic weapons (Oil, I keep saying that Russia and OPEC are conspiring to drive up oil prices to hurt the American economy)

Progressive forces emerging? HUSSEIN OBAMA............

The Soviet view was that during phase three Capitalism would suffer an economic crisis that would bring Europe to its knees and stimulate the influence of "progressive forces" [Ed. note - KGB fronts] in European governments.

At the start of Phase Four the U.S. would be isolated from both Europe and the developing countries. We could therefore undermine it by the use of external economic weapons and so create the social and economic conditions for 'progressive forces' to emerge inside the country.

The use of nuclear attack against America's defenses will therefore be carried out by

highly trained Russian Spetsnaz [special] forces already pre-positioned in America for such terrorist and sabotage tasks. When it comes to their nuclear arsenal these Russian communists are naturally paranoid and don't trust anybody they don't fully control, namely such people of non-Russian origin. Based on my personal military experience I can fully confirm that.

One of the main tasks is to destroy, from within, the main enemy,

the United States of America.

Soon it will be realized, soon.

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