Sunday, June 15, 2008

Russia Stands Up for New World WITHOUT America

NEW WORLD? As in New World Order? Just nuke these commies already and when the vile liberal and anarchist scum riot in the street, beat them DOWN. They are terrorists....PERIOD.

A blind pacifist could see what is coming........

Medvedev’s statement is based on the extremely unfavorable situation in the world economy. According to Medvedev, the economic crisis, which may become the hardest crisis in history, shows that the system of global financial institutes in its current state does not correspond to present-day challenges. There is virtually no international organization where decisions could be developed and made. Global institutes managing international finances are incapable of showing influence on the strategies of financial market members.

Dmitry Medvedev did not hesitate to point out the major initiator of the unfortunate situation. He believes that the formal role of the United States of America in the global economic system does not comply with its real possibilities.

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