Friday, June 13, 2008

The Deception Behind the Soviet Union Collapse

Christopher Story - The Perestroika Deception

A 'friend' tipped me off to this 2 part video and it is very interesting. The interview explains how the 'fall' of the Soviet Union was staged for the West to lower it's guard, so Russia and China can achieve global dominance. The information is based on the books of a KGB Soviet defector named Anatoli Golitsyn. After Golitsyn defected, many other KGB agents defected also claiming that Golitsyn was lying and that he was involved in a plot to fool the West. That was not the case, but the CIA was split over whether to believe Golitsyn or not. The next question that comes up is how many of the anti-Golitsyn agents were really spies for the Russians?

This is mind blowing and he implicates Russia being involved in 9/11 like I have been saying over and over.

PLUS, he said that Putin and Gorbachev were paid off by the world community, over $1 BILLION each to stop terrorism. Well, they took the money, but they NEVER STOPPED....

Did you really think that Communism fell without one shot being fired and then a 'new' enemy emerges out of the blue soon after? You Americans are very gullible, no wonder they are laughing at us.

BTW, the media is assisting Russia on this little deception, because the propaganda that they spew is always anti-American and you rarely see ANYTHING regarding Russia and their long standing links to Islamic terrorism.

Did you really think that we were just fighting a bare foot Muslim in a cave? Good, that is what THEY want you to think.

My favorite part was when Christopher Story said "Russian military intelligence is behind the global terrorism network and the media, the USA and Britain refuse to acknowledge it".



  1. Thank you for the link to those videos

    Golitsyn books must be a required reading for every US lawmaker

    I have PDFs of them if you need them will share

  2. The Democrats are well aware, but they think that they will be spared when judgment day comes, because they are Leninists as well.

    Do you have a PDF of New Lies for Old? Please send to if you do. Thanks

  3. it is much worse then just the democrats sold out

    it went bipartisan and more

  4. the last comment was me i am not familiar with blogger controls yet

  5. Yes, Sergij I know, but I am sure that there are a few conservatives out there that know the deal. Even McCain mentioned that he wants to throw Russia out of the G8....

  6. well i hope this is wrong

    but as we discussed with JRN once there are plenty of doubts on McCain

    kgb new what level of POW they had
    they 100% worked on him in a special way

    he may be dead scared for the rest of his life
    for his children and wife lives and beyond

    and most important:

    people who promote flex-fuel mandate and stripping oil of its strategic value approached McCain

    even O'Reilly jumped on this as crazy

    But McCain is still ignoring this
    even though if he would make this issue number one -
    under this gas price mad house
    he would secure the victory garanteed

    It may be a plot on the enemy part and McCain plays under their dictation

    again i wish with all my heart it is NOT

    God Bles America


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