Monday, June 2, 2008

A Marxist-Progressive Revolution with a Radical Islamic Cherry on Top

I like to make my observations short and sweet, because as a former martial arts instructor I always taught my students to explode and to be on offense immediately during a confrontation. I see politics as a confrontation due to what is really at stake here, our freedoms. "Do not beat around the bush" as the great Bruce Lee once said, so I will get right to the point.

Why is the progressive movement always trying to enable Islam any chance they can, but they attack Christianity? Answer: they want to dismantle our faith and religion, because the left wing atheist scum see US (Christians) as an obstacle to their New World Order Socialist agenda. No religion at all, is their goal and they will backstab the Muslims as soon as they get the chance to. This will most likely happen sooner than later, because they do not want them getting too much stronger as far as wmd's are concerned.

I am far from a religious fanatic, but there is no way I will allow the left wing vermin to take away THE RIGHT to religious freedoms in this country, without me screaming about it. How long before they label what I just said as hate speech against liberals and atheists? That is coming too, just be patient, they have plans for freedom of speech as well. You people have no idea how complex this assault really is and how many different fronts that it is coming at us from. This is happening daily through the courts with the liberal judges. Just go through my archives to find the many articles that prove my findings on their agenda.

Many conservative talk show hosts are shouting these warnings too, but it is falling on deaf ears. This essay today is even going deeper than Savage, Rush and Hannity dare to go, because of the Russian implications and covert assistance that I bring up on a daily basis on my blog. I owe a lot to Jeff Nyquist for his tireless coverage and superior intellect as far as communist deception and infiltration into American society.

The left want Islam to run wild, because they are using them as a "shield", so we are distracted from seeing the truth and that is the coming Marxist revolution. Their agenda is to make the USA a Socialist Police state just like Cuba, the former Soviet Union and Venezuela. This is a game of deception, classic Soviet style communist warfare and psych ops. “If you can not convert them confuse them” is their motto and with half of the population on prozac and cocaine, it is really not surprising that they have the wool pulled over the eyes of billions of people around the world.

They want Islam to run wild, so all religions can be labeled as extreme and eventually all will be banned after a huge WMD attack. Yes, religion will be blamed, but WORLD SOCIALISM will really be behind it and the American atheist progressives are assisting in the propaganda as we speak via the media, liberal politicians, liberal judges and the college professors.

Kids are being brainwashed by their professors that religion is really a myth and it is for the weak minded. There will be no religion or borders in the future of the new world order, because the liberals promote this as the only way to stop world famine, war and saving the environment. Yes, the global warming fascists will say that we all will have to be united to save the polar bear and cockroach from being extinct.

Russia was the #1 oil exporter in the world last year over Saudi Arabia and you would think that is big news, but the socialist media hid that little fact. Why? Again, they are part of this little game of deception; they want you to think that Russia is still weak and feeble. They do not want you to see Russia as the real threat that we are facing. The cover story and deception is that the Saudi’s and Bush, the oil hungry neo-cons are the real threat. It is no secret that the media is a major part of the plan in this world Marxist revolution that we are on the doorstep of. Lenin and Stalin must be smiling right now, while Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

Remember the list of 45 things to do for Communism to take over the USA that I have posted about 50 times? Well, infiltration of both political parties, the schools and the media is on the list. It is very obvious that these goals have been attained. We have been spoon fed socialism since the early 50’s and half of this country is already communist without even firing a shot. The sad fact is that most of America does not even know it. This was predicted by former Soviet Premiere Kruschev, when he told a former US lawmaker “Your grandchildren will live under communism”, he meant every word of it.

The “alleged” fall of the Soviet Union was the biggest story of the last decade and the progressives in the media would like the destruction of Capitalism and the Republican Party to be the major story TODAY. Please tell me how communism fell without one shot being fired? Then mysteriously several years later we have a new enemy? The first WTC attack, then the many other attacks overseas by Al Qaeda during the Clinton Administration. What did he do about it? Nothing at all. Do you really think we are just fighting some barefoot Muslim in a cave? Please, do not be so naive.

Clinton blew at least 10 chances to kill Bin Laden and the media buries this fact. Instead we hear about the Bush ties to the Bin Laden family and the other conspiracy 9/11 crap, which is all commie propaganda once again rearing it’s ugly head to distract you from the real story.

The goal of a socialist USA will be reached with the help of radical Islam, the ACLU Lawyers, the progressive Democrats, George Soros (and other corrupt elitists with a socialist agenda), illegal aliens flooding our cities - pushing our medical and education resources to the brink of collapse, the collapse of the world economy, the manipulation of oil prices by Russia and OPEC, liberal judges (making insane and unconstitutional judgments and using INTERNATIONAL LAW as a basis to make their decisions) and I can keep going and going with this list.

Do you doubt all that I am saying? How come the link between Russia and Iran is being downplayed by the media? Alexander Litvinenko, the poisoned KGB agent even admitted that the #2 man in Al Qaeda was trained by the Russian FSB in 1998. How come this is not mentioned in the media? This directly links Russia and Al Qaeda.

China signed an economic pact with the Taliban on the day that the WTC crashed into a pile of rubble. What is this really telling you? Look outside the liberal media box, this is what I am saying folks, because you are all being brainwashed into seeing the world the way THE PROGRESSIVES want you to see it. So they can mold your mindset into being their Marxist puppet and a slave of the world government.

One more thing that I want to add about the oil is that it is being used to cripple the world economy and to force people into a breaking point of begging for government intervention and assistance to the point where they will have no rights whatsoever. High oil prices causes high gas prices and this effects food deliveries. No food? There will be civil unrest. Not enough money to afford heating oil? Civil unrest again will explode and people will be begging for government intervention and assistance.

This plan for Global Government is sinister and it is coming sooner than we all think. I think that there will be a battle of ideologies and New World Orders coming soon with wmd’s being used. A global emergency will be declared and joining the SOCIALIST world government will be seen as the only way to prevent total destruction of the world and the environment. The libs will jump at the chance to surrender.

All of the CFR and Bush conspiracy theories sound really good, but I do not think Russia and China plan on surrendering to bankers and oil men. They have their own plans for global dominance and they will pursue them, by using nutty 9/11 conspiracy kooks as their “useful idiots” to distract and raise suspicions against the US Government. They will pursue them, by using radical Muslims as the foot soldiers and a smoke screen in the media and in the blood soaked streets. Then the progressives will turn on them too and eventually crush Islam. Do you think Muslim terrorists are efficient terrorists? Just wait until you see the Marxists in action, because they starve and slaughter entire towns at a time. This you can count on, because the Marxist-Progressive movement in the world right now is more dangerous than radical Islam, you just don’t know it yet.


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