Thursday, November 27, 2008

The REAL Reason India was Attacked

I am very sure that Russia, China and Pakistan were all very unhappy with the nuclear deal between the USA and India that was approved back in August 2008. Remember what I keep telling you people about the consequences you face when you double cross the Russians...ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Don't tell me that Russia has their own Muslim problem, because you are brainwashed if you think that is true. The Muslim problems that China and Russia face are very small, because they slaughter anyone that is a threat and infiltrate the rest to turn them against Israel and the USA. Well, you can now add India to that list.

This deal that was signed is the real reason that India has been attacked lately....

But the approval came as a bit of an anti-climax for both administrations, with Washington and New Delhi preoccupied with other more pressing issues — Washington with the economy, New Delhi with a recent string of domestic security failures that have led to nearly a dozen terror strikes across the country in the last four weeks. When both administrations go to the electorate — India is getting ready for general elections too, though not sooner than early next year — the long-awaited nuclear deal may not be the biggest trumpet they blow.

For India, the approval is a ringing endorsement of its increasing weight in international affairs, and an acknowledgement of its growing intimacy with the world�s only remaining superpower. The bargain also clears the way for American and European nuclear corporations to bid for contracts worth $27 billion to build 18-20 nuclear reactors in India.,8599,1846460,00.html

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