Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mexican officials seize arsenal, arrest gang leader

Thanks to Texasbail for this one..nice find bro.

I guess Putin's threat for the USA to have drug gang problems is materializing? These thugs are ready for the revolution, are you?

MEXICO CITY — In a seeming one-two punch against one of Mexico's fiercest criminal syndicates, authorities announced Friday that they had seized one of the largest weapons caches in modern Mexican history and arrested a senior gang leader in a city bordering South Texas.

The blows were struck in Reynosa, on the Rio Grande near McAllen, against the Zetas, gunmen linked to the Gulf Cartel, which operates throughout eastern and central Mexico.

Army troops seized 400 pistols and rifles, 500,000 bullets, 165 grenades, several grenade launchers, six heavy machine guns and an anti-tank rocket launcher.

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