Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations AMERIKA

Nice going brainwashed fools, you picked SLAVERY over LIBERTY and you elected someone further left than the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. You just signed away your children to MARXISM MORONS.

Obama's civilian national police force will be very gentle when they drag you out of your home....


  1. tis a sad state of affairs

  2. Congratulations America. I'am proud of you! You've choosen the best option for America as well as the world. Don't pay attention to idiots like the one who writes this blog. Dumb people will always be there. They vote on a party which has proven to be incorrect and harmfull time after time. They even disprove themselfs by
    reductio ad Hitlerum. Let them motivate us to educate and to do good.

  3. Rofl. What fool writes this blog? Claiming Obama to be a Nazi as well as a communist on the same page. (Everybody knows they have always been allies. ;) ) Do you know the difference between right and left wing extremism? Do you even know what extremism is? Come and look here in Europe to see the damage it has done. I bet you don't even know the difference between your butt hole and your mouth...

    Anyway, congrats USA and thank you for learning from past mistakes!!!

  4. Hitler was a NATIONAL SOCIALIST...no different than you commies. That is all a lie, THEY ARE THE SAME.

  5. "we commies"?! Do us a favor and grew up...

  6. Do us a favor and stop trying to push every conservative ideal down.

    We always learned about peer pressure in school, but geeze I didnt realize how real it really was.

    You dont have a right to shoot down everything conservatives say. The media is being taken over by the democratic party and the scary part is they arent just enjoying having the power - they are using it to beat down the republican party.

    New world order much?

  7. Wow I never thought the reactionary bigotts were that stupid, although only looking at the address "deletefrance..." says enough already, the usual anti-France comment (yawwwn). Thanks America for throwing your bible-loving reason-hating morons into the trashbin. It's a shame John McCain has to share the same party with those people. Maybe even with the brainless person who wrote this "blog". Proably he/she took inspiration by the speeches of Joseph Goebbels...


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