Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gail Collins - "Palin Ready for the Russian Threat"

Ever since McCain picked Palin, I have been saying that it was because of her experience and readiness towards the Russian threat to the Alaskan region. Russia is only 55 miles from Alaska and Russian PM, Putin re-started the nuclear bomber flights a year ago in the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific for one reason. He is our REAL ENEMY along with radical Islam. Putin in fact is their enabler (Iran, Syria and Al Qaeda) and this little secret is slowly making it's way to the public.

McCain knows the Russian threat very well and the Russians are afraid of him. The Russian media has been bashing McCain heavily the past few months, because they are trying to show him and the
USA as a grave threat to Russia.

McCain witnessed the Russian KGB torturing American POW's in
Vietnam and approximately 200 Americans were taken to Russia for human experimentation and according to reports by other former POW's. Boris Yeltsin even admitted this to that moron Bill Clinton, but it was in one ear and out the other. Clinton hates the Military anyway, so he did not bother following up on it.

Putin claims that the
USA and Bush started this Georgian conflict? Well, why did Putin re-start the nuclear bomber flights LAST YEAR if that was the case? The media is lying, they are covering up for the Russians and their involvement with the Global Terrorist movement. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and the rest of these idiots can not be trusted, do not listen to a word they are saying.

“Soviet Military intelligence is behind the global Islamic terror network” – Christopher Story, Intelligence expert for Margaret Thatcher.

I was surprised that CNN reported this NY Times editorial by Gail Collins and this detail about Palin needs to be made more public, because the average American idiot only cares about their IPOD and they have no clue about the Russian threat. I actually met someone the other day that was so busy with work and her kid, that she did not even know that Russia attacked Georgia. She did not even know that Georgia was a former Republic of the USSR and this is why we are doomed if we do not wake up.

The media has a socialist and anti-American agenda and they want this country to fall. These moron liberals do not understand that the Russians will kill many of them and their children too, they do not care that you are a stealth communist. They see you as an American and they will shoot you in the head or rape you if you are a woman, just like the Nazi's did to the French collaborators.

Liberals have a dangerous, suicidal personality, they are weak and they are a tumor that will rot this nation to it's very core if the powerful ones are not weeded out and imprisoned.

Gail Collins is correct, Gov. Sarah Palin is ready for the Russian threat and Obama IS PART OF the Russian threat.

Op-Ed Columnist

McCain’s Baked Alaska

It is conceivable that some people will think John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate because she is a woman. I know you find this shocking, but I swear I have heard it mentioned.

McCain does not believe in pandering to identity politics. He was looking for someone who was well prepared to fight against international Islamic extremism, the transcendent issue of our time. And in the end he decided that in good conscience, he was not going to settle for anyone who had not been commander of a state national guard for at least a year and a half. He put down his foot!

The obvious choice was Palin, the governor of Alaska, whose guard stands as our last best defense against possible attack by the resurgent Russian menace across the Bering Strait.

Also a woman, but that’s totally beside the point.

True, the only nonfamily members other than McCain that Palin really mentioned in her introductory speech were Democrats Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Whatever happened to Ronald Reagan? Isn’t there a rule that you have to mention Ronald Reagan?

“It was rightly noted in Denver that Hillary made 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America,” Palin said. “It turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling.


  1. Thank goodness I finally found a someone who realizes the strong alliance between radical Islam and Russsia. And even with Russia meeting Syria, Iran and Jordan all just weeks after the Georgia confict and Syria urging Russia to leave the Western organizations and Russia actually announcing that they're mulling it over, people still are refusing to talk about the significance. Jordan is also reaching out to Hamas after their meeting with Russia.

    I'll be a regular reader. Thanks.

  2. Thank you...

    Thank the socialist controlled GLOBAL media, college professors and the rest of the liberal establishment has done a total brainwashing on the American people by using disinformation and deception. The staged collapse of the USSR along with the shock and awe images of Muslim terror attacks has people traumatized and confused.

    Plus, the Chechen attacks on the Russian people was perfect deception, so the world would think that the Russians have their own Muslim problem too. Many of the attacks by Chechens were staged by the FSB (former KGB) to give off this perception. The Russian terrorist problem was/is very limited, Putin slaughtered thousands of Chechens when he was leader of the FSB to ensure that.

    Check out my archives for this article.

    How Russia turned the Muslim world against the USA.


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