Friday, August 22, 2008

American Citizen on Pravda Spewing 9/11 Propaganda

This is just more propaganda to cover up the 9/11 trail that leads to Putin and MOSCOW. The Muslim terrorists were communist agents acting on the behalf of the Russians and this is the real reason why Bush and Putin are butting heads over NATO since 2001.

Al Qaeda's #2 man, Ayman Zawahiri has been KGB since at least 1980 and he even assisted with the assassination of Anwar Sadat in Egypt, but of course you will never hear this from the socialist American media.

Russia is in bed with Iran and Syria for years, but the relationship is stealth to the media and the morons in America. When I mention the Russian threat, they still look at me like I am nuts. Iran and Syria have been assisting, funding and arming terrorism since the 70's and Russia is guilty by association.

The KGB celebrates 9/11, because it is the date of birth of the founder of the KGB (09/11/1877). This is also the date of death of Nikita Kruschev (09/11/1971). The plan to infiltrate the USA 's media, political party's and colleges with socialist ideologies and drugs was hatched under Kruschevs watch according to Soviet defectors.

The USA has been engaged in a proxy war with the Russians and the Chinese since the Korean War, but 9/11 the war was brought to American soil. I suspect that this truth might be coming out soon due to the increase in the anti-Russian comments coming out of Washington.

Notice the propaganda in the article? It states that the USA is a fascist police state and this is the same propaganda that the Alex Jones loons preach everyday on the Internet. This is to rile up the left wing loons and other gullible people. The goal is to turn them against their own government, so they are basically siding with the leftists and aiding their socialist revolution in doing so. It is very clever and it is working effectively I might add.

This article is classic disinformation propaganda...enjoy.

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