Friday, August 8, 2008

Russian Jets Bomb Georgia

Where are all of the anti-war groups? Oh, you will not hear from them, because they are COMMUNIST FRONT GROUPS. If they do say something, it will be just a peep so they do not lose their credibility. Just like the little peep they made when the Russians slaughtered thousands of Muslims in Chechnya.

How much to you want to be that the average American does not even know Georgia is a former Soviet Republic. They probably think I am talking about the U.S. State, Georgia. These people are a product of dumbing down, by the Socialist American media and college professors.

There are morons out there (Buchanan and Ron Paul) that are blaming Bush for this, because they are either clueless about the Russian threat or they are just siding with the enemy.

Georgia said four Russian jets entered Georgian airspace and dropped bombs on two places just south of the territory, which has been outside central government control since the 1990s.

There was no immediate comment on the report from Moscow.

The crisis, the first to confront Russian President Dmitry Medvedev since he took office in May, has fuelled fears of full-blown war in a region emerging as a key energy transit route and where Russia and the West are vying for influence.

NATO, the European Union and the United States, a vocal Georgian ally, all urged a halt to the bloodshed while Moscow vowed to respond after it said several Russian peacekeepers were killed by Georgian artillery fire.

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