Thursday, May 29, 2008

John Bolton to be Target of Citizen's Arrest For WARCRIMES?

Enough with the games, it is time to teach the world a lesson. I say we withdraw the troops and give the world a taste of HAARP and some nukes....POOF.

This war is really against liberalism, socialism and communism. The media has a socialist agenda, so they want you blinded as to whom the real enemy is. It really is a shame that all of the worlds religions can not band together against atheism, because they are the real evil.

Atheists have killed more in the past 100 years than all religions combined. Hitler's religion was Nazi mysticism, but the libs want you to think he was still a practicing catholic, but that is a lie. Ban the promotion of liberalism, because it really is the evil plague communism looking to undermine the Country and the world.

I keep telling you people that they are using the radical Muslims as tools against us, because many moderate Muslims dislike the immorality of the left and their assault on the traditional family. They are flooding the Muslims with weapons and lies about the West to cause problems. Last week a moderate Muslim called Michael Savage and he said that he agrees with him most of the time, except when he talks about Israel.

He also said that he dislikes how the left is pushing the homosexual agenda down society's throat and that he would never vote Democrat or for Obama.

Bolton is a hero and a genius....

Mr Monbiot, a columnist for The Guardian newspaper, plans to detain him as he steps off stage at the end of his talk. He said he was prepared to jump on stage and perform the citizen's arrest there if necessary.

He claimed Mr Bolton was "instrumental in preparing and initiating the Iraq war by disseminating false claims through the State Department" while he was under-secretary of state for arms control.

Mr Monbiot, who took part in a debate at Hay on Saturday entitled "Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq", has been a fierce critic of the decision to launch the 2003 invasion.
He said he had formally notified police of his intention of performing a citizen's arrest.

Mr Monbiot said: "This is the one opportunity we have, because he is mingling with the public, which doesn't happen very often."

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