Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Secret that the Media is Hiding about Hussein Obama

Michael Savage mentioned this one last night. Why is the media trying to hide this from you? It was reported a few times that Obama is a chain smoker, but you never see the media actually showing him with a cigarette.

Why? They want to control what you see and think about Hussein Obama. Are they afraid that you will think he is weak? Will it taint his clean image?


  1. Obama's smoking is old news, but what do you expect from Savage. Check out this link, and note the date:,1,1815354.story?page=1

  2. I know it is old news, but why is the liberal media HIDING IT? They seem to have no problem showing McCains health records.

  3. They're probably "hiding" it because the image is a forgery:

    Tough break there...


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