Monday, January 5, 2009

1991 Debate with my Ex Wife About Nuking Iran

This thought just came to my mind after all of these years...I WAS RIGHT.

My ex wife was going to school to get her teaching degree at that time and I remember the argument so clearly. I said "We have to nuke them now, because they are evil and they will attack us anyway". This was over 17 and a half years ago.

Well, too bad we do not speak anymore, because I would call her up and say "SEE, I WAS RIGHT".

This was our first blow out and it was because her friend was Iranian and she felt that she had to defend her and her family that live over in Iran. Well, how many American soldiers have been killed by Iranian weapons and mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many Israeli's have died from Iranian trained and backed Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists since then?

It is time for a GLOBAL ENEMA FOLKS......BOOM

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