Monday, October 20, 2008

Is the Media Guilty of Conspiring to Undermine the Presidential Election?

I know all about freedom of the press, but this is way different....

I think the media should be held accountable as CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES that are ACTIVELY SEEKING to UNDERMINE a Presidential election by slanting way more coverage to Obama than McCain. People will say FOX News would be guilty too and I say NO. The reason being is that they are trying to keep the balance that the socialist agents like Jack Cafferty and Keith Olbermann are perverting.

Subpoena e-mails and memos to see if there is a conspiracy, there is a case, but will anyone have the GUTS to do it? NO...

If there is evidence that News networks were actively seeking to push Obama so McCain does not have the same fair chance, this is a crime I feel. The media is under control of the SOCIALIST ENEMY and it is their agenda to start revolution, destroy Capitalism and the USA at all costs. They are not concerned about being fair or unbiased.

The intent has to be there to make the elections unfair therefore invalid. I bet if their e-mails are checked, this can be proven.

Arrest the lead editors, throw Olbermann into a mental institution and LET A JURY DECIDE.

Once again, this is not about freedom of the press. This is about abusing their authority and privilege to further their SOCIALIST AGENDA.

I will add more to this later .....

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