Monday, October 27, 2008

Barbara West on Bill O'Reilly

This is the only reporter that I have respect for, because she had the guts to expose these liberal thugs for the communists that they really are. This has them furious, because they do not want the brainwashed masses to know that they are really communists/useful idiots.......


  1. "Is this a joke?" By the way, Sweden has one of the best living standard in the world...
    Your blog is so funny dude. You are so obviously a fascist redneck. and the address "delete France"???
    What does that mean???
    We need morons like you so that the rest of people can feel really intelligent. Thank you

  2. Sweden is also very small, very quiet and is a small dot on the world political landscape. Now, the US is HUGE, the largest power in the world.

    In addition, Swedens culture is far different from ours. Making it hard for direct comparison.

    People come here to America because of capitalism, democracy and freedom. Not for socialism and Big Brother.

    Oh, and Barbra West didnt ask anything out of lines. If she had been hard on McCain as well I wouldnt have an issue with it. The media needs to ask the tough questions: why cant Obama and his campaign give the tough answers?

    So far McCain has. He has admitted where he feels his shortcomings are. Has Obama?


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