Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pelosi Still Obstructs Drilling for Oil with Lame Bill

Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for treason.

Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna

Also, what is extremely important sign of serious KGB penetration of the U.S. Congress and Government is the fact that the Democrats, who in reality follow communist ideology, blocked and hampered in any possible and impossible way any type of America's oil and related energy resources production, including blocking the drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore the U.S. coast.

This again shows the clear Russian strategic war-time plan to prevent the enemy, the United States, to beforehand have substantial oil and energy war-time reserves......and the Democrats in power have helped to achieve this evil ......

Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna, defected to USA in February 1968. Sejna was poisoned in 1997, because he testified in front of Representative Bob Dornan's U.S. Congressional Committee on U.S. POWs.

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