Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ken Timmerman - The Iran Link to 9/11

Ken Timmerman is a very respected journalist for and he was on Michael Savage the other day and this explains why Bush and company wanted Iran surrounded. They are next and you traitor liberals can not stop it and anyone that tries should be arrested for treason. Ron Paul, Harry Reid, Obama and the rest of the USEFUL IDIOTS.

I say nuke Iran, no more US blood...slam them with HAARP. I do not care what the world thinks of us, they are a bunch of socialist stooges anyway.

Bush knew that Saddam was not going to just sit there and watch US troops go into Iran, because he knew that his ass was next to go. SO, Saddam had to go FIRST and now Iran is surrounded....BOOM. Iran did not just sit there to wait for us to come after them either, the USA has been fighting them through surrogates since this war started.

Do not be fooled, we have amazing weapons and we are not as weak as everyone thinks. Read "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, we are now acting weak just like the Russians have been doing for many years.

Trust me, Iran was acting on behalf of Putin...that will come out next...WATCH.

Click here to listen to the audio clip.....

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